Vision & Mission

We aim to
Ensure that every person has the right to come to school, to feel and be safe and secure. Promote and educate children in the life skills these are needed in order to purse a healthy lifestyle.
Foster and inclusive environment where all children have opportunities and experiences to enjoy all aspects of school life, expect pupils to set themselves high standards and to take pride in their work and to strive towards high achievement, appreciate and celebrate the many ways our children achieve.
Ensure that children are given the opportunities to contribute to activities that raise their aspirations and goals for the future.
Ensure that children, staff, parents, carers, governors and other stakeholders have a voice in the development of their school.
Guide children to develop positive relationships that empowers them develop the self- confidence needed to successfully deal with major life changes; develop our children's understanding of their responsibilities within the wider community and environment.

Mission Statement

PP School aims to be a school at the heart of the community that recognises, nurtures and celebrates the potential of all.

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